What and who is semdi solutions?

semdi is an acronym for the latin expression semper disce – always learning. This is what we stand for. The world is moving faster every day. You either lead the change or you need to be able to react to it quickly. semdi provides you the tools to make this possible.
semdi is also an Icelandic verb and translates to “compose” – similar to a composer, who creates a harmony with the strings, trumpets or drums, we support your leaders to make sure, that the talents are working together in a perfect way. Then the company creates perfect harmony.
Our core values lead our decisions and are the basis for the cooperation in our team. We are constantly evaluating ourselves according to those core values:
  • Be A Pioneer
  • Reflect & Reinvent.
  • Focus on working smart, not hard.
  • Trust your team, share your story.
  • Be positive and find solutions.
  • Collaborate constantly towards results.

Who is behind semdi solutions?

Chris Kruppa

Agile Coach & Managing Partner; Founder

Oanh Do

Agile Coach & Managing Partner; Co-Founder

Nicolas Embleton

Agile Coach, Advisor

Wahid Nurdin

Agile Coach

Our cooperation partners

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