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What our clients say

Nicolas Embleton


Chris and Semdi have been instrumental in helping us build a strong product and agile organization. From their wonderful Management 3.0 training, ad hoc product workshops and continuous training of key members, it has been a pleasure to work with Semdi - our ongoing "Agile Companion" in our journey to be as Agile as possible, one week at a time.

Chris Bennett

Tyme Global

Chris has used a number of different coaching techniques for over six months to help our team leads focus on value and agile ways of thinking and working. Each interaction is tailored to the group or individual he is working with and he takes into account their motivations and the culture of the organization. Over time their confidence has increased and our practices are more coherent and aligned. I addition we have found the Management 3.0 training to be of great value for team spirit and growing new leaders.

Xavier Malparty


Chris is definitely a passionate person! From big scale projects to the most little details, he did on-board and continue to foster our teams into a great value-oriented agile mindset! Working with semdi solutions is also an opportunity to challenge our management methods with the Management 3.0 certification and to meet great people from the Agile Community in Vietnam.

Dave Hajdu


semdi worked for 2 years directly with our software teams to ensure the implementation of all Scrum practices as a Trainer, Scrum Master and Coach. He made an impact by improving the deliveries at every end of the sprint as well as helped us evaluate and implement a team lead program. Chris was engaged with all levels in across the organization and took care to include our organization’s values within his teaching.

James Galvin


semdi provided organisational development consulting and agile coaching to our company for 2 years. Chris made an immediate impact upon joining, restored team spirit and helped us to put a working process in place. Over the longer term, he continued to coach our teams to promote a transparent culture focused on continuous learning. Chris is a passionate leader who genuinely cares for our team members and the work that we are doing.

Daniel Campbell


Chris and the team at Semdi have been a huge support in helping improve our agile processes as a team, as well as very positive results from their individual coaching sessions with some of our members. Chris has a great way of helping to boost the confidence of each individual member of the team, providing them with different methods to implement as part of their role in helping to improve our agile process.