It's not your people; it's your system

Don't focus on changing people; focus on building an organization, which adapts automatically to an ever-changing environment.


Is your organization ready for the future?

All industries are impacted through technological, societal, economical challenges. Only organizations with the following capabilities will survive.


Decentralized Structure

Customer value focus


Team Learning

Let's create the future with

Organizational Design

We cannot design organizational culture, but we can design systems, in which everyone aspires to be the best version of themselves.

Change & Transformation

Change is the only constant in life. Don't focus on Change Management or Transformation projects, but encourage change as a built-in feature.

Bureaucracy Reduction

Top Down or HR Policies discourage autonomy and innovation, but demotivate your team. Reduce bureaucracy for more authenticity. 

Systemic Leadership

Encourage a systemic approach to leadership, promoting reliance on the organization's capabilities for high performance.

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Our products & Services for organizational development

  • Adaptive, resilient and self-organized organizations with our Learning Organization Workshop. LEARN MORE.
  • Assessment and Analyzing Ways of Working with feedback on systemic behavior and suggestions to remove policies and practices for better adaptation.
  • Developing an understanding of systemic behavior in your organization for everyone with our Management 3.0 practices. LEARN MORE.
  • Change from Command & Control to Systemic Leadership with an ongoing Leadership Development Program focusing on Changed Behavior in daily working. LEARN MORE.
  • Build Leadership capabilities within your organization with increased authentic behavior through the 4 Pillars Workshop. LEARN MORE.
  • Overcome learning disabilities in your organization through our Consulting interventions from an external perspective. 
  • Open Space or Offsite Facilitation to analyze your existing and discover new practices and tools for your organization.
  • or any consulting, facilitation, workshop, or coaching for your organization.

Companies, we worked with

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  • cho Tot Logo
  • TinyPulse
  • Louis Motorradshop
  • Inspectorio
  • Codelink
  • vSource
  • vincere
  • Intek Institute

Outcomes, we have achieved in the past

    • Organizations gain profound insights into their customers' needs through a culture of self-organization and value creation.
    • Embrace a value-centric organizational structure from the customer's view, leading to dedicated and enthusiastic teams.
    • Teams take initiative and lead from within through their influence.
    • Teams eagerly embrace change, actively seeking opportunities for growth and innovation.
    • More time and mental bandwidth for innovation and organizational enhancement, leaving behind the cycle of reactive problem-solving.
    • Autonomous value streams being able to solve their adaptive challenges individually without leadership or management interventions.
    • Maintaining a sustainable approach to new ways of working, ensuring ongoing momentum for continuous change over months and years.