Our client, a fintech company serving pet owners in the United States through a mobile app that streamlines the loan application process, operated in a remote setup with team members spanning various countries and time zones. This presented unique challenges in preserving a unified strategy and culture.

Enhanced Collaboration and Culture

Thanks to our inclusion, the client yielded substantial benefits and transformed the client's remote work environment.

Our Approach & Scope

To tackle these challenges, the organization already devised their strategy and alignment approach with so-called Objectives and Key Results (OKRs). As part of one of the objectives, they set out to create cross-functional task forces and a Culture Task Force, in particular. This initiative focused on aligning cultural values across the organization. As part of our assignment, we facilitated the cultural task force towards achieving the objectives and ensured the success and sustainability of the cultural values.

Additionally, we coached Scrum Masters and Product Owners to increase autonomy and how to achieve high performance in a remote setup.

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